Personal information

Welcome to my small personal website

photo_mariageI am Thibaut Kovaltchouk, and I am currently a high school teacher (classe préparatoire) in Engineering sciences and informatics in lycée F. Roosevelt, Reims.

Previously, I had a post-doc position in Electrical Engineering in G2Elab, Grenoble, France, after a PhD at SATIE laboratory, Rennes, France. My research works were about tidal and wave energy.


The focuses of my research were:

  • Optimal control (MPC with Pontryagin’s maximum principle),
  • Aging-aware electrical chain design (electrical machine and its converter),
  • Electrical energy storage design and control,
  • Grid integration and power quality.

Short biography

I am born in Besançon (France) in 1988 and I grew up in different regions of France: Franche-Comté, Auvergne and Rhônes- Alpes. After 2 years of classes prépas at the lycée du parc in Lyon, I entered ENS Cachan, Britain Antenna (now called ENS Rennes) in 2008. I followed a mechatronics formation with a double curriculum (electrical and mechanical engineering) during two years and passed successfully the electrical engineering agrégation competitive examination during 2011. I received master 2 degree in mechatronics in 2012 and I defended my PhD in July 2015, prepared at SATIE laboratory (Rennes, France). I have continue research work during one year with a PostDoc position in G2Elab, Grenoble, France.
Finally, since September 2016, I am a high school teacher for the classes prépas.

Curriculum Vitae


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